CPU Corsair H50 question


Jun 7, 2009
OK guys i have the Corsair H50 (closer circuit watercooler ) with 1 fan that's set as Intake so any way i get 37/38 Idle temp and 40 42Load that's measured with the ASUS OS so anyway i read on an review that some guy got like Idle 25C now i realise that every CPU is different regardless to it being the same but i have the feeling that there's something wrong with mine


Your load temps are fine, so your probably not "doing something wrong". Lots of things effect idle temps. You have to give us full specs.
I have the h50, my o/c and voltage effect where my idle temp sits. After I stabilized my o/c, you can go in to windows and set your min/max under power settings. Instead of min being 100% I set it to 60%. My idle temps will dip below 20c. Then theres power saving features in bios which can lower your voltage without windows help. Complicating how you can achieve a low idle. Load has less factors.