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Jul 24, 2009
Just built an i7-10700K system using an MSI Tomahawk z490 motherboard. Finished the build and everything works fine so far but one thing unnerves me a little I took the motherboard out of the box and bag, laid the bag on the box and placed the motherboard on top. It's a pretty sturdy box. After making sure the CPU was oriented correctly in the CPU socket I lowered the CPU latch arm and could hear a faint crunch sound about half way before pushing the arm all the way down and locking it into place. My first thought was the sound might have come from the motherboard layers cracking a little from the pressure, or perhaps it was just the sound of the metal latching mechanism creaking a bit due to metal on metal. I did not see the board flex excessively. Looking around the web I found some older post that seem to suggest intel has had crunchy sockets in the past, some attributing it to the contact pads in the socket. I've built many PCs over the years, both AMD and Intel though it's been about 8 years now, I don't recall hearing the crunch from Intel's Land Grid Array or any other but my memory isn't what it used to be. Is this common on socket 1200?