Question Cpu debug and gaming plus logo flash on for a second than off

Oct 28, 2019
I had just finished building my first gaming pc and I don’t have my gpu yet I decided to build it anyways so when it comes in I won’t have to wait but when I went to turn on the pc without the gpu (I’m using a Ryzen 5 2600 and msi b450 gaming plus) the logo light and cpu debug light flashed once than turned off, none of the fans started spinning and I took apart the computer too see if there’s any bent pins, and there wasn’t is it something wrong with my mobo or is it where I don’t have a gpu?
Okay thanks,is it normal for none of the fans to start spinning though? Because nothing turned on it just flashed the lights and turned off?
Yes because it is failing to post. Basically at start the computer runs an internal checklist to decide if it turns on

Do i have a CPU?
Do i have RAM?
Do i have a drive?
Do i have a display?

If any of these checks fails or if an issue is encountered it will power down so quickly the fans will never even start to spin