Question Cpu debug light turns on and Monitor turns off after booting into os

Jul 18, 2021
My system is as follows-

Amd ryzen 5 2600
Msi b450m bazooka plus
radeon rx 570
g.skill ripjaws 3200*2

I am getting some problems with my motherboard....When I start the pc it shows the msi logo and then when it tries to boot into the os, the monitor goes dark/turns off and then the cpu debug light turns on in the motherboard..When I restart the pc the problem goes away....It is happening not many times...2 or 3 times a week....I experimented some things....if I disable my xmp in didn't show the problem for about 45 days....but the ram speed comes down to 2133mhz...when i enable xmp and run it at 3200mhz the problem starts again.....

Note that there is no problem with my ram,ssd,hdmi cable,psu or graphics card... How can i solve the problem??? or should I claim my motherboard warrenty???
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