Question Cpu debug light turns on then off a few seconds after


Jul 4, 2018
Hey guys just wanted to ask if this is normal, when I turn on my pc the CPU-led debug light turns on for a few seconds then turns off pc working as intended just wanted to ask if it's an abnormal occurrence or is there something wrong with my pc?
PC works completely fine and functions as it should.

CPU: Ryzen 5 3600
Motherboard: MSI B450M Mortar Max
RAM: HyperX 2666 mhz DDr4 2x8
GPU: RX 580 4gb
During the POST cycle your Bios will interrogate your hardware and an led corresponding to either RAM, CPU, VGA or your BOOT device will momenterilly come on then go out if all is OK. If there is an issue then the led will stay on and POST will cease till the issue is fixed. This is a normal procedure and no need of concern.
The four trouble shooting LEDs is all your MB can provide. Some Asus Motherboards have a Qcode led which provide much more info where post stops.
In your situation it can be one of many things and no one can determine exactly what it is. You have to assume that there is a hardware fault or a short thru the standoff pins and your case chassis (most common).
If it continues and your satisfied that all cable and connections are good then the only recourse is to breadboard the system in a minimal state adding and testing hardware till the culprit is found.
here is the check list and I hope it helps: