Jan 30, 2010
i was trying to beef up my pc today so i went out and bought a new graphics card a new case and a new psu. i transfered my old mobo, ram, HDD and Optical Drive. i hooked everything up. and now the cpu fan stops spinning after the pc is started for a few seconds and the monitor doesn't even come on. so i thought my on-board graphics card might be fried so i installed my new XFX radeon 5750 1gb and the monitor still isn't coming up. but its spinning and everything so is the chassis's fan. the only thing i can think of is that from my old mobo there is a 4 pin connector for something that was hooked up in my old case. don't know what its for though. my new psu didn't come with a 4pin connector. i don't know, could the whole mobo be fried? anyone got a solution