Question CPU downclocks under "load" after crash

Jul 2, 2022
I have a hp pavilion gaming laptop15-cx0206ng. (4 years old))
(CPU: i5-8300H 2.30GHz and max 4Ghz)
During the last few weeks i had a problem with overheating ( up to 99°C).
So i tried some undervolting and cleaning of the fans.
I also put new thermal paste on the cpu/gpu.

After assembling of the laptop the temperature dropped by 7-9°C which made me happy.
The next day during some gaming the screen freezed and i restarted it with the on/off butten. (the temperature was about 90°C during a hot day)

Since then the idling clockspeed goes sometimes up to 4 Ghz, but if i open a game or try to browse in the internet the speed sinks to 800Mhz.....

I use Throttlestop to undervolt and HWMonitor to....monitor lol.
Cinebench r20 was used to check the cpu performance and after the assembly there was no big difference.

I tried some settings but since it doesnt help i hope some of you had an idea.


Might want to see if your laptop has any BIOS updates pending. As for your laptop, what OS are you working with? If you're on Windows 10, what version(not edition) of the OS are you on? As for your undervolt, what sort of an undervolt are you keyed into? Did you do CPU cache and iGPU as well or just CPU Vcore alone?
Jul 2, 2022
I try to update bios, but the hp driver website doesnt support my version....
I have Win 10 version 21H1.
Undervolt: i started with cpu core and after some time it was stable at: core -145mV, cache -185mV, gpu -145mV

So i tried again and the website says all driver are ok.
(my bios F.11)
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May 22, 2020
Your settings are not correct. You can set the core to a bigger number than the cache but it does not make any sense to set the cache to a bigger number than then core. Try using -130 mV for the Cache and -180 mV for the Core. That is a good undervolt for an 8300H.

Turn on the ThrottleStop log file and try to play a game for 10 minutes. Copy and paste the log file data to so I can see what the problem is. If you just changed the thermal paste, there might be a problem. What thermal paste did you use? Some popular thermal pastes doe not work very well or for very long when you use them direct die on a laptop CPU.

When your computer is running at 800 MHz, open up Limit Reasons. What does it show? Is BD PROCHOT red? That is a common laptop throttling issue. If you see this, try clearing the BD PROCHOT box on the main ThrottleStop screen. Post screenshots of the FIVR and TPL windows.