Question Cpu enhancement options in Asus bios?

Darth Brandon

Dec 5, 2016
Hi, I just built my first pc and am pretty happy with the outcome. I have an Asus Prime 390A, with a 9900k chip and 3600mhz ram. I have xmp enabled and it is working fine. Air cooling is very nice with my new setup as well. I was hoping some of you might be able to tell me some options to turn on in my bios to enhance my cpu performance. I know of the multi-core enhancement option but is there other ones I should enable as well? I don't want to manually overclock as I feel that I don't really need the highest performance as of right now, nor do I wan't to enable the ai-overclocking or any predetermined overclocking profiles. I just wan't to bump up the performance a bit. Thank you in advance for any feedback you can give me regarding this question.