Cpu error light, no display, red led around my power button no longer turns on. Please help!

Jan 13, 2019
My computer was working fine yesterday and every night it goes into sleep mode This morning when I pressed my power button to bring it out of sleep mode it wouldnt turn on. The red led around the power button was still on and it was blinking just as it usally does when its in sleep mode. When I couldn't turn it on I just unplugged it from the back. When I pressed the powerbutton the red leds around it didnt turn on but every fan in my pc started spinning and the red cpu error led turned on. There was no signal to my monitor but my keyboard lit up and I could change the colors but my mouse didn't.

My specs are:
Ryzen 3 1300x
Msi b350 tomahawk
Gtx 1050 ti
1 stick of vengeance lpx 2400mhz 8gb

I don't know where else to look I've tried every forum I could find with the same problem as me. I've reseated everything, I tried starting with only the mobo and cpu and I tried clearing cmos. Also I tested to see if the monitor worked by using my ps4 with the same hdmi as my pc and it worked for my ps4.


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