Question CPU ez debug led on

Jun 7, 2019
I completed my build and when booting the EZ debug led for the CPU turned on. I tried assembling it again but this time without the GPU and the EZ debug led still turned on. Now I only have the CPU the cooler and the memory mounted. I did a CMOS reset but it still did not work
What can I do to solve this problem?

My system: intel core i5 9600k / msi Z390-A PRO / corsair vengance lpx 2x8GB / Zotac RTX 2060 / Cooler master hyper 212 black edition
Mar 20, 2020
Hi, I'd like to jump in on this thread.
I just bought a setup with the same CPU and Mobo and RAM as OP, and I'm having the exact same problems.

It's my first build I'm putting together myself, and took my sweet ass time quintuple checking everything was done right.
Now, after troubleshooting online for hours, the only solution was indeed the EZ debug light lit up for CPU. It would suggest bent pins or other obstructions to the CPU slot.
The solution above were bent pins, yet I don't understand this as the i5-9600K doesn't seem to have pins.
Can anyone provide me a little more info where these bent pins could be?

(I have already searched various how to fix bent pins videos, I'll get to that once it's needed)

--Edit-- It seems the pins are on the motherboard and I'll have to recheck for bent pins there.
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