[SOLVED] CPU fail after good POST

Nov 30, 2018
I had set up my system for a POST test, msi b350 gaming pro matx with 2x4 gb hyper x fury ram, and an older gpu, and my ryzen 5 1600. It posted fine. No problem.

Then i assembled it and put it in my case and went to boot it up and install everything, and black screen.

The motherboard had a red led indicating cpu not detected or fail. I took it out, and discovered some thermal paste had run a little and i guess touched the edge of the pins, causing the fail. So i cleaned it, dryed it, reinstalled and did a post, and still fail. What should i do?


reset the BIOS by jumper, be absolutely sure that the thermal paste is completely removed from the pins and socket off the motherboard. Usually the thermal paste is not conductive and shouldn´t be a problem.

Would RMA it

Power supply is connected completely into the motherboard? ATX12V power plug as well?