Question CPU Failing Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool test


Dec 30, 2013
Hi all,

So recently ive been having perfromance issues in games, the gpu will happily lock the frames in at 100 (my g-sync) but ill often get weird frame catching/stuttering when i move the point of view around quickly which as im sure you can imagine is a pain. I decided to test my CPU its getting a bit old and i tohught id see if it was causing the issue. I started with just a simple PDT test form intel, and my cpu fails on the math test each time see blow the log

Error Code -1
Module Math_PrimeNum.exe Completed - Fail
No valid errorcode returned
Error Code -1
Module FMA3.exe Completed - Fail
No valid errorcode returned
Error Code -1

Result - Fail

Im running a i7-5820K I know its getting old and everything, and ill be updating in the next few months, but wanted to give the PC to my dad to replace his even older build since he doesnt use it for much outside of browsing and tax. But if theres an issue i can fix id like to make sure all is ok