Question CPU fan and sys fans stopping ?

Mar 5, 2022
I usualy let run my computer while im at work to do automated tasks in some old school games.
Yersteday when back home I noticed that all the sys fans except for one had stopped. The cpu fan also stopped and the temp went up to 80+ c°
I kinda paniked and turned it off imediatly. When I rebooted, the fans started normaly.
A friend of mine suggested to update bios so I did. When exiting the flash mode only one of the fans was spinning (the same one that kept spinning when other went off)
Cpu and all other fans where off.

So I tought ima flash it back to previous bios version but when entering the flash mode again all started working fine.
So I exited and didnt flash.

Now when I look into the temps and fans in Msi Center sometimes the Cpu fan says 0 rpm but it is spinning tho and the software display the % but not the rpm. I tried to setup via bios a smart fan curve but that didnt help.

I've let it run for several hours to test this out and the temp seems correct. 63-72 with heavy load games running at 1444p.
But the thing now is that the fans are verry loud. And suddently no noise for 2-3 sec with a kind of coil whine noise before going quiet then loud again for 10-15 sec ect ect.. the temp are still fine I guess 32-45 iddle 45-60 mid load and 55-65+ heavy load.
But that fan behaviour seems odd...

I have read that too low rpm could cause the sys fan to fail and they all set to 50% at lowest but...
Even when set at 100% speed it still does that loud then no noise and loud again issue ...
I can't manage to see if its actualy one of the fans that is loud and then stop or if its all the fans. But seems like its not a normal behaviour and might hurt in the long term.

any one can share his input on this issue please ?

Config :
Nvidia RTX 2080
Msi Z490 a-pro
I5 10600k
2x 8 gb ram corsair
All fans are 'be quiet' 3 front 1 top 1 rear and the cpu.

Pure wings 2 : 2 front 1 top 1 rear sys fan 1-2 5 and pump fan
Silence wings 3 : 1 front sys fan 6

I would like to add that when I use the option fan tune on msi center all the fans stopped but one and went on again during the process.

Could it be related to this program interfering with Bios setup and both trying to control the fans ?

And I have no idea what happened in the first place....
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Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

Could you please state what BIOS version you're on for your motherboard at the time of writing? Can you recall which BIOS version you were on prior to the update process?
Mar 5, 2022
Update today : computer ran for all day without fan failure. Temps are fine and fans are quiet and not jumping anymore. I've reset Bios to default settings, uninstaled msi center / velocity X and Icue. Restarted fine during all the process.

But at one point I turned it off and about 1hour later when turn on again, I had the cpu led on my mobo turned on and nothing on screen.. I forced shutdown with power buton then it started fine an ran fine until now.

Still no idea why all my fans failed in the first place including the cpu fan... and why suddenly the cpu led is on, like it did not detect cpu... And now it seems to be working fine but I kinda fear that it will hapen again and obviously I can't let the pc unatended anymore...

I'll do futher testing with heavy load since today it was mostly iddle/medium load was kinda paranoid with temps...

But if anyone encountered a similar issue or have insight on this please let me know !
Mar 5, 2022
Some more input on the issue,
Still not sure why and how all the fans stopped.
Could not reproduce it yet.

the fans jumping and stoping was actualy the fans of my CGU Pny Rtx 2080 3 fans.

Was using the pny utility and it seems like it was the problem. Downloaded another pny utility and it doesnt do it quite often.
But, it still does it when the cgu gets to 60c° +
Looks like its some kind of built in cooling system but it doesnt seems to work as intended.
Sometimes the fans would go up and down in rpm and get verry noisy for several minute after playing AAA games with high graphics.
And sometimes it would only jump a couple of time and goes back to iddle.
It doesnt seems to do it on heavy charge tho, while playing the fans are noisy but it seems normal as the fans goes to higher rpm. But they are not jumping.

Still after closing the game and in iddle the gpu fans still jumps even tho the temps goes down to iddle temps. ~40c°...

Lmk if someone has an idea. Ty
Mar 5, 2022
Yep I did that with msi center, also from the bios which would show 0rpm on cpu fan even tho its spinning but I figured that. It was because it was going under 20% usage and thus showing at 0.
But now I fixed these issue with the sys fans and cpu fans by setting 50% at min for sysfans and 20% for cpu fan.

But the remaining issue now is about the CGU fans who goes up and down like 100% to 30% whithin seconds thus making a lot of noise. Even tho on the pny utility for my cgu it keeps showing at 30% and no jumping at all.
It has 3 fans and the issue seems related to only one who would stop, make some kind of coil noise and then back up to 100% then down to 30% then coil noise again and repeat. Sometimes it fix itself after 3-4 mins sometimes it doesnt fix and keeps doing this up and down till I reset the computer.
Mostly after the cgu goes under heat like 60c° +
When I play games which are not verry demandons I dont get the issue cgu temp stays under 50c°.

I can play perfectly fine tho I dont have fps drops and temps are in good range 60-70c° on WQHD ultra settings.
But its when I stop playing and as the temps goes down the GPU seems to over react just like if the temps where still up to 60c°+