CPU fan delay on BIOSTAR motherboard


Jun 7, 2012
So I bought a BIOSTAR TZ77XE3 motherboard and an i5 2500k and put them together. I installed the stock fan/heatsink correctly (as far as I can tell). When I power on the computer, the fan does not spin up right away. 3-5 seconds after I hit the power, the fan suddenly spins up to max and then falls back to an average speed. The CPU seems to be working (as evidenced by me typing this) but I'm worried that I'm doing long term damage to my processor.

This is apparently a common problem with gigabyte motherboards but I haven't seen this anywhere with a Biostar Motherboard.

Any solutions?


I haven't really paid attention to the delay from the moment the power button is pushed to the fan spinning. Does the rest of your fans ( case fan, graphics card fan ) spin instantaneously after you push the power button?
it normal on some mb and fans. i seen it with stock intel coolers. as long as the fan is spining it fine. it going to take with a heat sink a long time at idle speeds for a cpu to over heat if it does. the fan on a heat sink is to help move heat away from the cooler.it the thermal paste and metal part of the sink that needs to be on a cpu..or it fry real quick.