CPU fan error, ASUS P6T/Xigmatek Dark Knight


Jan 14, 2009
Hi all,

I just recently built a Core i7 based PC using the ASUS P6T mobo and a Xigmatek Dark Knight 120mm CPU cooler. The build posted fine and all my fans (including the CPU fan) were working well for 2 days of gaming (CPU 45C idle, 60C load). However, last night I shut the computer down and when I booted the computer up this morning I got a "CPU fan error, press F1 to proceed". My CPU fan is no longer spinning and my CPU temps climbed about 10C. I shut the computer down and rechecked that the power cable was plugged correctly into the CPU fan port on the mobo, and it seemed like it was. I have since left the computer off so as to prevent damage to the CPU.

I have read some on other forums of people getting this error, but their CPU fans typically still work. Do you think this is a broken fan or a busted port on the mobo or a problem with a sensor or the BIOS? It makes little sense to me, seeing as how it worked well for two days. However, this is my first build ever, so any hints you guys could give me would be much appreciated.

Thanks a lot.


Oct 5, 2008

You can't really tell if it's fan or motherboard unless you have a spare of either to test, Did the CPU you bought have a stock heatsink, I'm not sure if I7's come with stock coler or not...

The black and white answer is: pop a new fan on there and if it spins, reads RPM correctly etc then it's your cpu fan at fault and if the other fan does the same it's prob your board..

Before you get panicing though i would look for Bios updates for your ASUS board, it shouldn't make any difference at all but it's the norm to check for this kind of stuff and ASUS will probably tell you to do the same, I'd also make sure that the CPU is seated properly, i.e all push pins are pressed in proplerly or screws screwed in with even contact on the CPU.

Hope that was all useful for ya.