cpu fan error for m2n68-la mobo


Nov 27, 2007
I moved my system into a antec 900 case but may have fried my cpu fan header on my mobo. I can get the system to start normally but after 10 or so seconds an error pops up and says " cpu fan error, system will shut down to prevent damage, service cpu fan" then shuts down. but the cpu fan works when plugged into the chassis fan header on my mobo. is there any way to run my computer without the cpu fan actually being hooked up into the cup fan header and get past this error?
Check the asus software if you're running it. Asus probe may have some adjustable settings for the minimum fan speed. If possible, lower it to about 900 or disable it. My old socket 754 ran about half the time without the fan spinning. It only worked when the cpu temps were high.