CPU Fan Error on boot, but only a few times! Then it starts...


Sep 7, 2015
I've bought my PC about 10 months ago, and untill about a week ago it has worked perfectly!
Problem is when I boot my PC it says "CPU Fan error" and it wants me to go to BIOS.
So I press F1 and when I enter BIOS I just press "Save and Reboot" without changing anything.
Sometimes I get the same error two or three times in a row, and I keep doing the same thing whenever I enter BIOS and suddenly, after a couple of reboots, my PC starts just fine...

Here is a video showing the process (however I only had to reboot once in the video, and then it worked). - [video="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xcaGY7K2xVk&feature=youtu.be"][/video]

Description of video (sorry for no editing, and maybe some of it is useless ;)):

At 00:16
I'm showing the motherboard's EZ/XMP switch to show that it's set to "XMP"

At 00:32
Showing CPU fan - it's hard to see how fast it is due to the fps, but I can tell you that it's pretty slow - I can see the fan blades moving.

At 00:41
The Error Beep Code - 1 long, 4 short meaning CPU Fan Error (or maybe something else is wrong too??)

At 00:59
Showing the red light that always light up when I get this error.
When PC boots correctly there's no red light.

At 01:23
Just replugging my keyboard so I can enter BIOS.... Happens sometimes...

At 01:44
Just showing the RPM for my CPU Fan (my lower limit is set to 300RPM, and I dont think I can set it any lower???)

At 01:55
Saving changes and reset without any changes made.
But this time the fan spins faster and the boot goes normally.

Showing some software that tells the CPU fan RPM (suddenly goes to 0, but fan didn't stop).

I don't know how much is relevant here, and sorry for the bad video ;).
The BIOS settings are the default settings btw.!

And finally - here are is my DxDiag :)

I hope you've got a solution :)