Question cpu fan error on old MB all of a sudden ?


Dec 3, 2013
Hi - hope everyone is safe and healthy!

One of my desktops has an old-ish ASUS P9x79. I hadn't cleaned the innards in a while, so I opened the case, got out some comp air, and blew away. One of the things I do, is gently hold the fan blades in place with a pencil.

Since doing this, I now have a cpu fan error upon boot. I have confirmed that the fan is turning, I have reseated the cpu fan connector>MB, and I have reset the BIOS (battery/jumper). The only way to boot into Win, is to enter the BIOS, and exit out. Once booted, CoreTemp is reporting my temps in the low 30's, so the CPU fan is not only turning, it's doing it's job. I get this error every single time I try to boot.

Any ideas on how to get rid of this error, so I can just boot straight into Win, as I used to be able to?

Thanks in advance.