CPU FAN ERROR Press F1 for setup!


Aug 29, 2013
I assembled my new pc 2 months ago and whenever i switched it on i used to get a msg 'CPU fan error". I ignored it because my pc used to boot up fine.
But once i put a password on my BIOS and i tried to clear it by opening my cabinet.
here is what i did-->
there was something called ClearRTC on my motherboard i changed it from 1-2 to 2-3.(1-2 said normal and 2-3 said ClearRTC).After this i switched on my computer. It didnt switch on(Though the fans were running).Then again i opened my cabinet and changed clearRTC back to 1-2(normal).Then though my password didnt clear something else happened. I put in the password and then along with the CPU Fan error msg another msg was displayed--press f1 for setup.When i pressed f1 i was directed to the bios. I exited the bios and once again switched on my comp. But again the same msgs were displayed. So i went to the bios again and i had to manually boot up my harddrive.Now whenever i nedd my comp i need to manually boot up my harddrive.IDK what the problem is.Did i damage the hardware becuz of ESD??

please Help
To clear CMOS you've to remove the jumper or change it to 2-3 and then w/o restarting change it back to the original setting. Do it again. Also check if your CPU cooler is correctly inserted in its port on mobo. System tends to read the CPU Cooler from designated port and if cooler is installed on any other available port system will generate error.

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