Question CPU Fan Error Question.


Sep 7, 2011
Hey folks. Having a bit of trouble and looking for some advice.

I turned my PC on the other day and the BIOS screen came up and said "CPU fan error". I took the case off and it wasn't spinning at all. Everything else seemed to be working fine, but I couldn't get it to work again. So I bought a new heatsink and fan rather than fiddling around just changing the fan.
Bought the same make and model (Deep Cool Gammax 200T), nothing special, but completely adequate. Anyway, I'm still getting the same error.
I checked the fan profile to make sure that it hadn't changed and had stopped it working at low temps, but the profile said it should still be running at 25% even at lowest temps.
The PSU seems fine, so my question is this..

Does that mean it's the socket on the motherboard you plug the fan into? If it's broken, is that something that can be fixed? There is a repair shop close to me. Or is this a case of needing a new motherboard?

2 TB Seagate (2000 GB) SATA-III HDD 7200 RPM 64MB Cache
NZXT Phantom Enthusiast - White
Standard CPU Compound Supplied With Heatsink
EVGA 750W (Modular) PSU - Low Noise
1 x 1.8 Metre UK Mains Power Cable
240GB SSD SATA-III, Read 560MB/s, Write 510MB/s - Silent
Microsoft Windows 10 Home 64 BIT (Genuine DVD & COA Included)
2 x 120 MM Cooler Master Blue LED Fan
16GB 2400MHz (1x16GB) - Lifetime Warranty (DDR4) - LIMITED TIME LOW PRICE ENDS MONDAY
Creative Gaming Sound Blaster X AE 5.1 (PCI-E) - RGB Lights
Deep Cool Gammaxx 200T - Low Noise
Intel i7 8700K - (6 x 3.7 GHZ - Turbo 6 x 4.7 GHZ) - Coffee Lake
Asus TUF B360-PRO GAMING (Intel B360) - 5xUSB 3.1/4xUSB 2.0/RGB Lights/Dual Band WIFI

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