Nov 12, 2020
I have just built a PC with the following configuration :
ryzen 7 5800x - CPU
rtx 3070 - GPU
asus ROG B550-f (Wifi6) - Mobo
corsair h115i pro rgb - AIO ,
Nzxt h510 elite - case.

I wanted to keep the front panel nzxt fans, so I mounted the corsair radiator with the nzxt fans.

Connections Made : -
  1. Front nzxt fans are connected to the nzxt hub at the back of the case.
  2. Pump of the liquid cooler is connected to CHA_FAN of the motherboard and the rbg usb connected to usb 2.0.
  3. I left alone the fan headers given with the pump because I used the nzxt fans and have connected them already.
  4. Sata connections given to both AIO and the Nzxt hub.
On starting the PC, it shows CPU Fan Error ! and asks me to press f1 to start boot. And there I see, the temperature of CPU is 50 C. However, all fans are up and running.
Is this Cpu fan error occurring because I have not connected the pump's fans to anything ?

Thank you in advance.
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CPU fan error means, you have nothing connected to cpu_fan header.
Connect one of radiator fans to it.

And connect pump to AIO_PUMP header (not CHA_FAN).


Keep your rad fans hooked to the h115i per the instructions from corsair.

You can choose ignore cpu fan header or hook the rear exhaust rear to that header and set a steady and consistent fan speed.

Either 1 stops the error.
I just looked at the corsair quick start. It wants the pump connected to the cpu_fan header. He probably plugged it into the pump header.

Just a little FYI. You are going to want to control your pump independent of your fans. When the headers are present I usually suggest plugging your pump into the pump header and the radiator fans into the cpu_fan header. Your pump needs to solidly run for your cooler's thermal mass to keep heat spikes off while your radiator fans can easily vary with detected cpu temp. ASUS will have a pump curve that will run at pretty high rpm stock so if you run on that header you will be fine. Running the radiator fans on the cpu_fan header will take care of your rpm detection issue and give a good stock curve for the radiator fans.
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His pump and fan speeds will be controlled through The Ique software.

As said that 1 single wire is only a tach wire or rpm sense wire from the pump.

When I connected my h110i per the instructions to my Asus Rog Strix X470 F Gaming it done the same thing on boot up
Cpu_fan error.
I chose ignore that header and later and installed a fan connected to the cpu header which blows on my vrm's.

The pump gets its power from the sata power straight from the Psu.

"Connect pump power cable to an available SATA power plug (figure 1). > Connect pump tach cable to the CPU_FAN header on your motherboard (figure 1). > Connect each fan to the shrouded 4 pin connectors on the pump (figure 2)."
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But now you have to set 2 fan curves or use a fan splitter.

Putting the rear exhaust fan on the cpu header takes care of the cpu fan error with only setting 1 fan manually, letting Ique do its job based on the users preference
Such as Quite, Balanced or Performance still with the ability to set a manual fan curve.