Question CPU fan loud after reinstallation ?

Aug 18, 2021
Hi, I recently was having some issues with my pc restarting so I took my GPU and CPU Cooler and cleared the dust from them to make sure they were cooling properly. After reinstalling the parts, the fan on my stock Intel cpu cooler started to go at very high speeds. I looked at another thread and they suggested ensuring that the heatsink was applied properly and that the thermal paste was applied properly but so far neither of these solutions have worked. Any suggestions?


First place to look is in BIOS Setup at the CPU_FAN header. Look at the temperature it shows for the CPU chip. At idle it should be pretty low - maybe 40C - and that should require a much reduced fan speed. IF you have a cool CPU but fan running full speed, then there's a mis-adjustment of the fan control configuration. On the other hand, IF the CPU temp is high - say, over 70C - at idle, then the fan IS doing what it should, and there is something very wrong with the way that heat is being removed from the CPU by the heatsink and fan.

So, post back here with what you see. We can suggest things to check, depending on the info. ALSO, post the maker and exact model number of your mobo. AND tell us whether the CPU cooler fan cable to the mobo header has three or four wires (and holes in its connector). Those bits will help in some of the situations.