Question CPU fan revving at post, then power down


Jan 22, 2014
I woke up today to this, and I'm assuming that I need to replace my CPU cooler, but I'm wondering if you guys have any recommendations.

Asus Sabertooth running an AMD FX 8320
Cooler is a CoolerMaster self contained radiator.

The machine powers on and posts, I can even get into windows for a second before the power down. Subsequent reboot powers down almost instantly, so I assume heat. If I give it a minute: It will hang on a bit longer.

Took it apart and dusted everything (which was needed), same issue. Suggests to me that the block is done.

Though, what's weird is that I can get into BIOS before the shutdown. I can see is it the CPU fan that's revving, however the shutdown happens at about 58C, which is well below the heat threshold for the CPU, but still much hotter than it should be climbing, especially in BIOS. I'm wondering if I maybe woke up to a borked CPU as well as a cooling unit. This is my first time using a self-contained radiator, and it's been running in there for about 4 years, I've just never seen one go bad before and I'm wondering if this is what it's supposed to look like when that happens. The block would normally keep the CPU at about 48C while under load.

Current plan is to pick up a Noctua cooler and redo the thermal past to see if that helps because these radiator mounts take like five hands to get on properly. If it doesn't: I can stand to have a spare Noctua hanging around.