Question CPU fan spinning too fast? may be?

Oct 16, 2020
I own a i5 7500 (pretty old I know duh) but it gets the job done. But recently pc started getting noisier and noisier and it's more like wind tunnel noise than anything else. Basically it runs at 29- 31 % C on idle w/e the ambient temp and fan is at 1400 RPMish, under any load and I mean any % from 40 % to 100 % it starts spinning real quick up to 1900 rpm also case fans go up to 900 rpm but it keeps it the cpu at 41 degrees C at any given point. Mind you video reaches 62 C under full load(geforce 1060 msi gaming pro 6g) so I am not sure if it matters. Should I be worried? Machine is like 3 year old and been opened only for a non removal dust clean up. It has never overheated or given any sort of errors at any given time. It just starts to worry me cuz the the cpu fan + heatsink has a decent vibration when I touch it ... hell it even vibrates the desk a wee bit. The cooler I use am not too sure.. It's some sort of arctic cooler with 4 pipes but other than that no idea. Should I be worried or something or can it go for sometimes , since for the love of all that is holy I can't find that particular type of cpu fan anywhere and the machine is bulky so yea bringing to a repair shop is .... a bit hard. I guess the fan is quite worn off after 3 years of reaaaal torture, but damn I can't find it anywhere for sale. Here's a pic of the cooler.


Sep 22, 2020
Have you tried setting the CPU fan speed manually from the bios ? these problems could happen because of custom fan speed settings, if that didnt work i guess you should change your CPU cooler since you said you tortured it lol.