Question CPU Fan spins for a second then stops, pc wont boot

Jun 13, 2020
Hey everyone I'm mostly making this post because I really need some help.
I'll start by describing my situation and my computer:
Psu: ATX Switching power supply ATX-1B680W
Motherboard: h55m usb3- rev2.0
CPU: Core i7 860 2.8 ghz (Quad-Core)
8gb ram ddr3 1333mhz (4x2gb)
Graphics card before installing the other one:
Nvidia Gtx 460 (1gb)
HDD 500gb

Today I just got my new graphics card (RX 580 8gb) and I tried putting it in my computer, I had to make some changes to it, had to move the hard drive so it would fit and everything.
It requires an 8 pin connector.
However when I installed it, I tried turning my pc on and everything, and it turned on for a bit but then shut down by itself. I got worried so I just turned it off by holding the power button for 10 seconds then unplugged it. I tried putting my old graphic card in (gtx 460 1gb) to see if it would boot that way, but now I realized that the cpu fan is not spinning anymore. I see some lights that turn on from the motherboard as usual, but it won't boot up. It's like if the cpu fans started spinning but stop after a second, everything else even the gtx 460 fans are spinning, could it be that it somehow fried the motherboard, cpu maybe. I don't really know what could've happened, and I'm pretty stressed right now because I got have some projects to work on tomorrow, any help would be appreciated.
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Jun 12, 2020
Hopefully it won't be anything serious and you can get back to work on your projects.

Well since you started moving things around as you said, lets start by checking if the rams are correctly installed. Remove them from their sockets make sure its all clean and try installing them again. Try 1 ram stick at a time so we can make sure its not a faulty ram problem.

Next thing make sure your cpu is also secured in place well and the cooler and fan headers are well connected to the motherboard.