Apr 6, 2007
Hi I've just built a new computer using an asus p8z68-v mobo with a Hyper 212 evo cpu cooler, sometimes when starting the pc it will boot into the bios with a low fan speed warning.

The cpu cooler is connceted via the cpu fan header on the motherboard & seems to be working fine, the asus AI suite software shows the fan speed as 589rpm ( In yellow) & cpu temp @ 13c (21c in bios)

should I maybe connect the cpu cooler to another fan header on the motherboard or is there a problem with the cooler or motherboard thanks.


Nope, your fine. Just go into bios and disable the CPU fan warning and you'll be good. Your motherboard's BIOS is just letting you know that your CPU cooler's fan speed is below normal (for a stock cooler). Since your running a better than stock cooler, it doesn't need as high of RPM to do it's job. You can also disable PWM and let the fan run at maximum if it's not too loud if you don't want to disable the warning. All that is happening is the fan on your cooler is using PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) do control the fan RPM.