Question CPU fans start/stop randomly when RGB is plugged in?

Mar 9, 2022
Hello all, I'm experiencing an issue that I can't seem to find any info on, and despite my best troubleshooting efforts, has been frustrating and evasive enough that I'm out of ideas. I recently bought an RGB AIO cooler, the CoolerMaster ML240L v2. The cooler works fine, and I'm happy with it, but the RGB fans randomly stop spinning, and then seem to just get short bursts of power that spins them for a second or two, before they stop spinning again. Originally when I experienced this problem, I had the RGB connectors for the fans hooked up to the controller/4-way splitter powered by molex, and the 4-pin fan power connectors hooked to a splitter going to my CPU_FAN header, and just couldn't seem to get them to run with RGB connected. When I disconnected the splitter from the controller, and plugged it into the 5-pin RGBW header on my MOBO, that seemed to fix the problem (which I can't explain either). Here's where things really start confusing me. Yesterday, I added some additional fans (using a different controller, that work fine), and did a couple other maintenance things to my PC. RGB and cooler fans working fine upon boot. I go to start a game, and one of the fans stops spinning, shortly followed by the other one. They begin doing the weird on/off thing again, spinning for no more than a few seconds before stopping again. When I disconnect the RGB splitter from the header on the MOBO, the fans begin spinning normally again, with no interruptions. So essentially, at this point, a high GPU load is preventing my RGB fans from spinning correctly, but ONLY when the RGB is plugged in. What is going on here?! I've attached a video showcasing this issue the best I can. Anybody have any ideas?



Aug 6, 2019
whats your system specs?

to me it seems like a common setting in the amd control app. do you have "silent gaming" enabled? also have you checked your bios to see how the settings are for your fan headers? active, passive etc? I encountered this similar issue not knowing what was going on and let it slide for more than a year since i never had overheating issues; until i found the settings for it in my amd catalyst app.

as for the fan speed variance.. what is your PSU? is there a possibility you are under-powering your rig? have you tried taking the splitter out and just connecting one fan to see if it is still affected?

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