CPU For 8800 GT Geforce Video card.


Aug 20, 2009
AMD Athlon 64 3200+ (I believe, i can't check without removing heat sink and breaking seal.)
160 GB HDD
Thermal take 430W Model: XP550 NP Power supply
ASUS A8N5X Motherboard
7600 Gt to 8800 Gt Nvidia video card
2 Gb Ram
Dvr-115DBK Pioneer Optical Drive

Was playing Games, when all of a sudden there was a freeze, and random boxes and such showed up in different colors. Assuming It's the video card, I had gotten my brother's 8800 GT video card and used that, all that happens is the card begins squeeling and the fan doesn't work, beginning screen pops up, motherboard or whatever. Then the screen goes blank. I believe it doesn't have enough power. But what should i do about this? Get a more powerful power supply? Would a 500W Do?