Cpu for gaming duo or quad


Feb 1, 2010
sorry for being an idiot and askin dumb question,
just fryed my agp graphics card and so rebuilding system for pci-e.

ive been running an amd 3700+ with no problems but i want to upgrade to either duo or quad core
im using xp pro sp2

what type of chip would be best for gaming (first person shooters) ive read that quad cores arnt no good for games but all threads ive read are old posts so was wondering if there any new light on this?

could upgrade to vista but i hate it :(

for the most part a high clocked duo or i5 lets say around 3ghz will be plenty of power to run most games but you should go quad to future proof the system a little. As of rite now there are only a handful of games that will actully take advatage of more then 2 cores. as for your operateing system go with win 7.


Lots of reviews of Bad Company 2 beta says quad cores are getting pwnt. I guess the physics in this game actually makes use of multi core systems now. Some people are even saying their low end AMD quads are actually bottle-necking the game and O/C'n makes a difference now.


You should try Windows 7 :)

Quad cores are very good for gaming (But not all QCs)

What is monitor's native resolution?Which gfx card are you thinking of getting with it?
Whats your budget?


Oct 22, 2009
Given a certain budget, the dual core chip will net you better performance in games. Even multi-threaded games rarely make use of more than 2 cores, higher clocks however is always helpful.
You can save some money by going dual instead of quad, and using that saving toward a better video card or a faster dual core chip.
As for future proofing, if you are value-minded, you should not try to future proof anything. Why spend money now for performance that you will not utilize (and perhaps will never utilize) until some unknown time in the future? If gaming is what you use your computer for, build the best computer your budget will allow to play all the games you want to play today. Nobody knows to any degree of certainty what the future holds.