Question Cpu fried twice help

Sep 5, 2019
Okay so I’ve built a “gaming” pc recently and and the specs are


I9 9900k

Rtx 2080 aouris

Tridant Z 8gb x2

850 bronze psu

So when I first booted up the pc it worked fine for a day. Than it started not waking up after putting it to sleep half the time. And then the cpu just fried. So I replaced the motherboard with the same board and replaced the cpu with a i7 8700 8th gen I had laying around. And after about a week I decided to play Dirt rally with my Logitech wheel and after plugging it all up and playing I put my pc to sleep. After trying to wake it up it would just turn on but not display anything. So I power it down and power it up and it works than after powering it down again it would not display anything. The cpu light would turn on than turn off than the orange light would turn than off and no other light would turn on. So I cleared CMOS than tried replace the ram and gpu still didn’t work. So I put the i7 8700 I had in it into another pc and it didn’t work. So I thought it was fried too. I have ordered a new i9 9900k so could y’all help with figuring out why my cpu fried twice. I think it was my Logitech g920. But I’m not sure