CPU+GPU overheating after videocard + PSU installation


Jun 27, 2009
Ok, well after installing both my new video card and new PSU, my computer
would at times lose picture and I would have to restart. I discovered a big problem I have now is that my GPU is overheating like crazy. It idles around 55-60C and climbs to 70-80C seconds after I run a game, before settling around 85-95C. My CPU also seems hot, as it idles around 50C and goes up to 85C+ after being at full load for a few mins. The Psu I bought had a fan on the bottom instead of at the back like my old one, I don't know if that messes things up, but it is facing my video card fan.

I don't know much about computers so does anyone know if there is anything that I can do to potentially fix this heating problem? I tried testing it without a cover, but the temps were pretty much the same. I uploaded some pics to help: http://www.megafileupload.com/en/file/114026/pics-rar.html

Thanks for the help!
(I used EVGA Precision and SpeedFan to check temps)

My Comp Stats:
Windows Vista 32bit
AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual-Core 5000+ (2.6GHz)
Sparkle Geforce 9800GTX+ 1GB (new) http://www.tigerdirect.ca/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=4352340&CatId=3669
HP Nettle Motherboard http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/document?lc=en&dlc=en&cc=us&docname=c00906137
CORSAIR CMPSU-400CX 400W (new) http://www.newegg.ca/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817139008

EDIT: My CPU seems to be idling at around 45C now (fan 100%) with both cores going to about 70-75C after playing a game for 5 min
Wow! Where to start.

I dunno what case you are using, and maybe I missed a fan somehwere, but you have 1x80mm(?) fan pulling air out of the case. And your psu (it *is* pulling air out of the case, isn't it?). Your vid card puts hot air from its heat sink into the case, it does not pull air out via the second slot like some others do. Lastly, your wiring job needs some work. You are bending the vid card by jamming all the cables between it and the drive cage.

Your cpu temps have gone up because your vid card is running very hot, heating the air inside the case, raising the ambient temperature while simultaneously decreasing the efficiency of your cpu cooler. Your psu fan is insufficent to exhaust that hot air, maybe because the psu itself doesn't require the cooling.

What to do about this? You have GOT to get MORE AIR running (into and) OUT of the case. And you may want a better cpu cooler. This is going to be hard in what appears to be amATX minitower case. Some suggestions.

1) Run that rats nest of cables from your psu up over the side of the drive cage to the front of the case, and secure them there. Then run the cables you need back from the front of the case to the mobo, and secure the ones you don't need so that the connectors do not flop onto the mobo. When that's done, make absolutely sure you are NOT bending your vid card.

2) Run your (white) front panel wires over the side of the drive cage up into the area immediately behind the psu, and secure them to the main power wires from the psu. From there, using only the length of cable required, run down to the mobo connectors.

3) Replace the case exhaust fan with the most powerful fan you can find that will fit.

4) Ideally, get a vid card that exhausts its own hot air from the case.

5) Install an exhaust fan (vid card cooler fan) in one of the slots between your vid card and psu to exhaust air from the case.

6) Check temps now with the cover off, then with the cover on. If the difference is large, you are not getting enough air INTO the case, so too little is getting out. Consider punching a vent hole in the side panel (if there isn't one there). If there is one there, consider putting an intake fan there.

7) Consider a better cpu cooler, though I don't know where that hot air is gonna go lol.

I honestly don't know if the improved exhaust, intake, and wiring are going to be enough in that tiny case. An alternative is - get a bigger case with better airflow and more fans.


Jun 27, 2009
Wow, what an answer. I'm going to follow your advice but I just have a few quick questions. Would it be an air flow problem if these are temps I was getting with the side off and a fan blowing into the case? Also, the left underside of my vid card is what seems to get hottest (right above the RAM). Lastly, my video card require 2 6-pin connections while my PSU only had one, So I purhcased a 4-pin to 6-pin cable (2x4-pin into 1x6-pin) and connected that to my vid card. I'm not exactly sure if I put it in the 4-pin ends in the correct place, although they are on the same wire (the 2x4-pin connectors).

Let me know if any of this additional info changes anything, or to proceed with your earlier advice.

LOL, yeah, it changes things if you *already* have the side cover off and a fan blowing. Short answer . . . not so much an airflow problem lol, as long as the cover stays off :) .

Let me look at the pics again . . . where are they . . . OK.

Hard to say, but the downflow of (hot) air from your cpu cooler may combine with, and trap, heat from the hard drive at that spot. The heat sink under your video card is mostly "north" of your vid card, but it is probably contributing as well.

You could jockey your external fan around, and test the theory. But at the end of the day we gotta get the vid card "unbent" and cool that cpu down.

Are you sure the cpu heat sink is properly coated with thermal grease and properly attached? With the case open, your cpu temps should *not* be that high given any reasonable performance from any cooler.

At your temperatures, the cooler fan should be spinning for all its worth. Does it look that way?

You haven't touched BIOS, have you? Nothing overclocked?

As for the vid card, the heat sink looks like its screwed in place, but I wonder if its possible the heat sinks have separated from the gpu. After the card is unbent, you might try letting the card get hot (shouldn't be hard :) ), then power off and squeeze the card as if you were trying to hold something you had just glued.

The 2x4-pin molex connectors you used are keyed so they can only be attached one way to two molexes from your psu. Hard to make an error there.


Jun 27, 2009

OK!! Well, I have reapplied thermal paste to my cpu and now the idling temps are around 30C and it goes to about 55-60C under full load, so that's a big improvement.

The card is being bent by the connection from my dvd drive to motherboard, I think its SATA (red ribbon looking thing)? I dunno. I think this video card might just be too big for the microATX case+board. Since I also developed a weird bar with gray lines and some color on the right side of my monitor, I'm thinking that my setup won't work with this card, or it might be defective, so I'm probably returning it. Any other cards that can work on my system that are close to this one in terms of performance and price, while being smaller and less likely to cause issues?

When I have more money I will build a new comp, but for now I want a card that will let me play the latest games well. While I only got about 10 mins in-game , it was sweet to finally be able to max settings and run a game smoothly for a change...

EDIT: Ok, well it turns out the problem with the gray line bar on the right of my screen persisted even though I am back to my old video card...
OK, glad the cpu is cool now.

Re SATA cable: I found a picture of your motherboard on ebay, uninstalled. I don't know if a new cable like this one:


would help or not. Depends on whether you can use a 90-degree connector in that sata slot, and whether the lower height would get it under whatever portion of the vid card its hitting.

The problem appears to be the extended cover on your vid card. You might just be able to cut a part of it off lol. Failing that, there are a number of cards that will fit very well. One quick sample:


This is a short card, but it wouldn't interfere even if it were a long card. Compare its picture on Newegg to the image of your Sparkle on Newegg. But there are many others - pick one you like and can get your hands on.