Question CPU & GPU Usage Drops in Online Games

Nov 26, 2021
For about a week now my laptop has started to randomly drop the FPS to the point it's basically stops for 1-2 seconds and then goes back to normal. It doesn't seem to be related to any specific thing happening in the games and has happened on all the 3 online games I play (Valorant, TFT and Smite).

My specs are Ryzen 7 3700U with 12GB RAM, I don't have a dedicated GPU, so it's working with the Vega 10 from the processor, I use a secondary display connected to the laptop (I've tried without it and changed settings related to it as well but nothing changed) and I'm on Windows 11. I know it's not great for gaming but I have the laptop for 6 months and the issue is just happening now, before I could run all the games without problems.

Every time the frames drop, my GPU and CPU go from wherever they are to around 20-30%, and from the MSI Afterburner it seems the GPU drop comes around half a second after the CPU drop. I also tested with offline games and they are running fine, just with some drops when a cutscene is starting but not really noticeable unless I'm looking at the graphs. The temperature is consistent during all of this and usually around 60°C.

I already tried to reinstall or change a bunch of drivers, reset the pc (keeping the files) from the advanced startup and tried a lot of things I saw in here or other forums from people with similar problems, nothing has helped or changed anything. I have no clue on what's actually causing the problem at this point. My internet connection also seems to be fine but I don't know a good tool to actually measure that.
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