[SOLVED] CPU & GPU Watercooling, Push or Pull?

Jan 28, 2019
Hi all,

I've built a few computers before but never dual Radiators.
This one has a AIO CPU cooler and a seperate AIO GPU cooler.

Intention is to have the CPU Rad up top Pushing,
and the GPU Rad up front Pulling. Aesthetically this will look nicer.
Just want advice on anyone who's done a multi rad system before and if this will be fine.

Case: Phanteks Atx X evolv
CPU: 9900K
CPU Cooler: Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML240R
GPU: AORUS RTX 2080 Waterforce
First of all, I would recommend a more beefier cooler like the coolermaster ML360R. If you overclock the 9900k to 5.0ghz, that 240 aio might not cut it.

Having 2 high tdp aio in a small case is not a good idea.

A lian li pc o11 can house the ML360R and the 240 aio in the waterforce cooler without any issues.

Have the ML360R in the top as intake, have bottom intakes and have the waterforce aio in the side as exhaust. That's what I would suggest.