Question CPU has super unstable spikes ?

Sep 11, 2020
Okay, so my cpu worked fine before i changed my motherboard. Since i changed my gpu and both cpu my usages on both actually are fluctuating more than it should. gpu usage goes from 100 on highest settings on WORLD OF WARCRAFT. The fps is basically 25% worse than before. Cpu usage goes from 30 and then spikes to 50-60 fast af and then goes down again. Also the gpu usage goes from like 99-100 to 96 and then spikes down to 80. I think the cpu is the problem though. I've had this gpu for around 2-3 months, the cpu is basically 1-2 years old. What i've seen is that the fps is a lot worse in cpu intensive games. Also my gpu did never go over 100% usage before. It was always stuck between 20 to 99 maybe. But after i changed my motherboard everything works weird. Is it possible that the cpu is broken so it bottlenecks the gpu?

Gpu - Gtx 1650 super oc TUF.
Cpu: i3 9100f.
Motherboard: z390-a-pro
Ssd: Samsung Evo 1tb.
Headset: Arctis 9.
Mouse: Razer Deathadder V2.
If on a Z390, you should be able to override boost duration limits, power/TDP limits, etc.; the easiest way is to install Intel's XTU, which implements those functions immediately after a successful bootup, where you can tweak boost duration to unlimited (vice the standard 60-90 or whatever seconds is default), power to max/unlimited, and, at least that will override any duration limit downclocks, etc.. (you might even be able to specify the highest turbo clock across all 4 cores, vice a few hundred less MHz for all core turbo boost.

Try that first.

EDIT: 4c/4t CPUs are never going to set the proverbial world on fire, we are just trying to keep the CPU spooled up to it's max, assuming temps remain under control (which might be difficult if using a factory INtel cooler, as they do not have lots of thermal headroom.