[SOLVED] cpu heat and undervolting

May 15, 2021
Hello. I have a brand new MSI GF75 Thin. When I game my CPU temps reach 94 (I have a cooling pad). I am concerned about this. I tried to undervolt using Throttlestop, but the Unlock Adjustable Voltage option is greyed out. I have searched the internet for a way to enable this, but to no avail. I saw a couple posts about changing the BIOS, but I am a not well informed enough about how to do this. Can anyone provide me with a simple method to undervolt my CPU? Should I be worried about damaging my system with temps in the 90's?

Thank you.


Hey there,

So first things first. Your CPU is designed to run up to 100c with no issues. So those temps won't harm the CPU. With that said, depending on the laptop design/manufacturer, your CPU will likely throttle at high temps and boost clocks. Again, this is pretty normal for Intel CPU's in laptops. edit: But the downside being your fans will run at max to keep the CPU cool, and/or throttle to achieve the same goal.

That's a pity about TS not working for you. Depends on the manufacturer, but some of them do prevent undervolting on a bios level. You could try Intel XTU and see if that works. You should be able to undervolt with it, but TS is more configurable. XTU will undervolt both cpu vcore and cache together. So it limits the undervolt to about -130, cache,.core. With TS you can keep going with the vcore independantly of the cache which really helps. You can use HWMon/Info to see if the undervolt takes by monitoring the voltages, it would look like this: View: https://imgur.com/Cq6kTAQ

You can see my undervolt of -221 core/-128 cache/-52 intel igpu.

For example, my i7 9750h will undervolt to -221 core and -130 cache, but increase the cache even slightly above that and it crashes. But you see the benefit more on the core.

A bios update may solve the problem. Some manufacturers like HP are unlocking undervolting in their own app! Which is great. (Ive an Omen 15) The bios update might help there.

Defo look at repasting. I'm using Noctua NT H1. My temps at max load with 4ghz all core don't go above 80c. The stock paste even for MSI will be pants in comparison. You won't regret it.
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