Mar 1, 2010
I would like to ask you about my processor heat level. Recently i buy AMD x3 435 2.9 ghz processor and gb MA 770 motherboard. Also i have 2 gb of ram and 4850 512 Z graphic card. I use 450 W power supply. I tra try to measure my processor heat level first with HW monitor. There was values TMPIN0-30-35 c, TMPIN1-35-40 c, TMPIN2-79 c??? What is TMPIN2? I try to touch my motherboard parts and nothing is that much heat? I go to some forums and read that thats probably fault sensor. Is that true? Anyway i start using everest ultimate edition and there is nowhere that temperature 79 C. Last night in everest i have readings as folow:
CPU 40-45 c( what is CPU?), CPU1 core 26 C, CPU2 core-26c and CPU 3 core -26 C. Other temps of my graphic card, and hard disks are normal about 35-40 c and there are NO 79 c value anywhere??. When i did Stress test with everest my CPU temp after 4-5 minutes go up to 62 C. Is that normal? When i play COD4 for about half an hour CPU temp is 56-58 C. Is that normal? do i need more fans, and how can i solve this problem if it is a problem and how much temperature my cpu can handle?