Question CPU heating up after thermal paste application

Azfar Siddiqui

Jul 1, 2014
I have 9900k for which I decided to put a clean thermal paste on using NT h1 (previously it had corsair h150i stock paste). After changing paste i see temperature climbing up and down rapidly specially under the load. How did I made this worse? I have tried re applying the thermal paste 3-4 times with different methods(dot, X, DOT and than dots at corners with pretty much same results. What am I doing wrong? and how can I fix my thermal application as I know before I took off stock thermal paste things weren't SO bad. on Average i feel i have increase my CPU temp by 6 C in different states

I am posting pictures of my X application. Please let me know if i am using too much paste from the Screenshots or any other suggestions for 9900k

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Did you empty the entire tube of thermal paste onto that processor IHS? If so, that's where you went wrong. You will only need to place a dot in the middle of the IHS, about 2 mm in height and then let the CPU waterblock do it's job squishing it out. Lay the system flat with the motherboard's underside parallel to work surface.

Also, you will need to be patient with temps, since thermal pastes have a break in period. In your case, you just put too much, like trying to get the paste into the CPU socket, too much
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Jul 7, 2014
From your pictures, seems to me like the cooler isn't mounted tight enough. Excess thermal paste is fine for temps, it's just a mess of cleaning it. If it gets under the CPU, it's a massive hassle of cleaning it, but no harm no foul. See Gamers' Nexus take on that.

A good, tight mounting pressure should squish any excess (out of bare minimum) through the sides as you tighten it. Your thermal paste looks excessive, but almost none is squished out; rather, it just sticks to the IHS and AIO coldplate.

I've applied too much at times, and the excess are always visible on the sides of IHS when I pulled the cooler. Tested with various mounting mechanisms from janky, cannibalized one through proper backplate+spring screws combo. Tighten the mounts, and see if the mounting bracket+spacer is properly taut.
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