CPU heatsinks that fit ASUS z77 sabertooth


Nov 11, 2010
Im building a new build and will order the last parts during this weekend. I have been using 50 hours atleast on the build and i still run my head against a wall when i decided on parts. I will be getting the asus z77 sabertooth and i cant see me choosing any other board. The problem is the cpu cooler/heatsink. I have been looking at both the Thermaltake Frio Advanced and the V6GT. But it turns out neither is supported by the sabertooth. The Thermaltake Frio backplate interferes with some components close to the socket. Im guessing that the Frio and the Frio Advanced uses the same backplate and therefore it wont fit. The V6GT doesnt fit because one of the fins from the heatsink interferes with the thermal armour covering the top heatsink.

I need to know what CPU coolers that will actually fit the Sabertooth that deliver the approx same performance as the above mentioned that dont screw up a black/red color scheme (NO NH-D14, plz). Or if anyone of you knows that the Frio and Frio Advanced dont use the same backplate you will be a god.

I could also mod the armour so that the V6GT fits, i heard it was only the plastic armour and not the actual heatspreader, so it should be possible without me ruining something.

Advice much appreciated as i really want this done to stop all the headaches...

The V6GT is loud as hell ......

Ones I'd investigate include ....

Phanteks PH-TC14PE which can be had in a variety of colors

It fits on the P67, X58, 990FX and X79 Sabertooth....dunno if or how much the Z77 varies

Thermalright Silver Arrow

Coolermaster Hyper 612 PWM