CPU Heirchy Chart


Oct 6, 2014

I assume the desirable ones are tier 1 and tier 2, am I right?

Refurbished computer CPU availability.
I can get an i5-3570 in the first tier
2nd I can get i5-2400, i5-3470T and i5-3470,
3rd tier I can get i3-2120, i3-2100, i3-3220
4th tier i5-2400S
5 tier - i5-650 and i5-660
6th tier i3-530

With my current system ...

2008 its a HP Pavilion a6745f with MS-7548 (Aspen) MSI mobo. AMD 780G chipset. FSB 5200MT/s (5.2 GT/s) AMD Athlon X2 5050e 2.6GHz (Brisbane, 65nm, AM2 940, ) 4 x 1GB (4GB) DDR2 PC2-6400 (800 MHz) with Vista 64 bit system. 320GB 7200RPM HD. Upgraded to EVGA 600B PSU, GTX 650 graphics, 27`LG Monitor, Patriot 120GB SSD-HD.

... I have lots and lots of internet pages open. Play World of Tanks online. And I play flash games online. My current system sometimes hangs up but it resolves itself in a minute or 2. Programs sometimes do not respond. If it doesnt resolve itself I "end the task" and its back to normal.



Ideally you won't be buying old, used hardware. Although an i5 3570 is cheaper than an i5 6500, and they're both in the same tier, the 6500's motherboards will be far less expensive, and come new with a warranty, because old motherboards tend to have crazy markups. An i5 6500 would also be in the range of 30-40% faster. They're only really in the same tier because it wouldn't be worth upgrading from one to the other.
One way to get a more accurate estimate of cpu capability is to look at the passmark performance numbers.
For instance your dual core Athlon X2 5050e has a passmark total rating of 1346 and a single thread rating of 779.

A third tier cpu like the i3-3220 has 4 threads, a total rating of 4209 and a single thread rating of 1761.

If you have a problem with many pages open, you likely need more ram. 4gb is getting too small.

If your ssd is 90% full, it will slow down and lose endurance.



Oct 6, 2014

I want to buy a refurbished computer.

The i5-3570 comes with Windows 7 Home 64 bit and is $300 Canadian Bucks.
I3-2100 is W7 Pro 64 bit fo $270.
They are DDR3.

Then there are lots and lots and lots of them all, but the i5-3570 there are just one or two.

I looked at upping the RAM on my current system but its $50-$100+ on newegg.
Fleabay is $20 on average for 8GB up to $50+
$30 for 16GB (I have 64 bit Vista)

I might give that a try at 16GB for $30 off of E-Bay. See if it helps any.

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