Question CPU hitting 206C, severely impacting my in-game performance. (And yes, I mean celsius)

Jan 12, 2021
First off, I do actually indeed mean 206 degrees Celsius, not Fahrenheit, this is obviously a false reading, otherwise, my CPU would be dead, but these false temp reading spikes are drastically affecting my FPS, I go from having 120+ FPS in War Thunder to below 30. These temp spikes happen after I've had the game (Happens in all games, not only in WT) open for a decent amount of time. (3-6 hours) I've already tried cleaning the heatsink, the fans, and changing the thermal paste of the CPU, none of these helped.

As you can see in MSI Afterburner I go from having an average CPU temp, whilst underload, of 60-65c, to an instant spike of 206c. The time until the temps go from 206c to 99c is always 42 seconds for some odd reason. My CPU isn't overclocked, only my GPU.

CPU - AMD FX-8300
GPU - AMD R9 380
Motherboard - MS-7641 Ver. 3.0
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Jan 12, 2021
perhaps use HWINFO to get more accurate temps.
Almost every motherboard has temp sensors that are wrong
So is there anything I can actually do about the faulty thermal sensor because as I stated, it's significantly affecting my in-game performance.


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There should be a way to disable the sensor in bios, just figuring out what section is the fun part. Your manual doesn't tell me a lot about the bios. Its possible you can disable it on the HW Monitor page. It might be in the adv bios features page - I can't tell as manual only tells me a brief description of what the areas do.. see below

Standard CMOS Features
Use this menu for basic system configurations, such as time, date etc.

Advanced BIOS Features
Use this menu to setup the items of special enhanced features.

Integrated Peripherals
Use this menu to specify your settings for integrated peripherals.

Power Management Setup
Use this menu to specify your settings for power management.

H/W Monitor
This entry shows the status of your CPU, fan, warning for overall system status.

Green Power
Use this menu to specify the power phase.

BIOS Setting Password
Use this menu to set BIOS setting Password.

Cell Menu
Use this menu to specify your settings for frequency/voltage control.

Use this menu to read/ flash the BIOS from USB media device.

Overclocking Profile
Use this menu to save/ load your settings to/ from CMOS for BIOS.

Load Fail-Safe Defaults
Use this menu to load the BIOS default values that are factory settings for system operations.

Load Optimized Defaults
Use this menu to load factory default settings into the BIOS for stable system performance operations.

Save & Exit Setup
Save changes to CMOS and exit setup.

Exit Without Saving
Abandon all changes and exit setup.
And I can't find anything on the MB elsewhere.

FX CPU temps cannot be accurately measured using 3rd party software.

Best is to use AMD Overdrive and determine the "thermal margin" of the CPU. It will tell you how many degrees C margin of safety the CPU has before being throttled.

I am not sure if sensor is on board or CPU itself
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Oct 2, 2019
CPU temperature sensor is located on CPU die. If yours is dead then you have no CPU temp sensor. So it is time to scurry around local craigslists or go upgrade.