Question CPU Idles at 50°C - 60°C, but jumps to 95°C during gaming


Nov 27, 2017
Hey guys

Hope you can help me with this one cause it leaves me scratching my head. My current build consists as follows:

-Ryzen 5 2600X
-32GB (8x4) 2400Mhz DDR4 RAM
-RTX 2060 6GB
-Gigabyte AB320 Gaming 3 MOBO
-650W PSU
- NZXT Kraken M22 AIO Cooler

Like the title suggests my PC is running around 50 - 60 degrees, due to the ambient temperature being about 30°C on average this time of year it’s not that surprising to me, but my temperatures generally hit at maximum 80°C when gaming.

This past weekend however, it’s like a switch flipped and the PC can handle medium duty apps/games like Chrome and Rimworld no problem, but the instant I boot up to MSFS or DCS or so, it spikes up to 95°C and stays there constantly.

I doubt that it would be a failing CPU Cooler, as I replaced my aircooler that broke earlier this year (March/April) with the M22, and if the cooler was wholly incapable of cooling the CPU, it would reach temps that can turn off the PC, which it has done twice before on my Air Cooler.

What I’ve done to troubleshoot is as follows:

  1. Dusted out the PC, replaced the thermal paste and cleaned out the AIO radiator.
  2. Updated all drivers for my hardware through their respective websites
  3. Tested the CPU pump with someone else’s build, kept temps at 75°/80° during testing
  4. Plugged the CPU pump into a fan header and left everything running at 100%, this keeps the temps at 60° but doesn’t prevent it from spiking to 95°.

Could this be a possible voltage regulation problem with the Motherboard? I tried underclocking the CPU, and undervolting it below manufacturer settings, but no joy.
Try using whatever utility software that came with your motherboard to control fan speed. Set everything to max. See if that cures the problem. If it does. Set a more aggressive fan curve in the settings.

does your motherboard have a pump header? If you aren’t certain that the header you are using is giving the pump full power all the time. You may want to use an adapter for your PSU .