Question CPU in Acer Nitro 5 refuses to go above 1.5ghz when gaming ?

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Temps are decently low (around 70 to low 90s) at idle 4ghz, and then when I do the TS Bench in ThrottleStop, speeds go down to around 1.5ghz, and temps go up to around 92c, sometimes going up to 96-98 for a split second.

Image of it can be seen here

EDIT Idle speeds and temps can be seen here (temps sometimes jumps to around 90-92)
You need new thermal paste as I state previously these are not normal temps the cooler itself may also need replaced
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Aug 16, 2022
You need new thermal paste as I state previously these are not normal temps the cooler itself may also need replaced
Okay, so if I want to replace the thermal paste, which one do I go for? I've been looking into thermal grizzly's options but I've heard some of them dry out, and google seems to have little info about it. I'd like to have thermal paste that doesn't go bad in a year and has good performance.


May 22, 2020
ThrottleStop Limit Reasons clearly shows that the CPU Core is THERMAL throttling. Acer has low balled the thermal throttling temperature. Intel recommends 100°C but Acer set the throttling temperature to 92°C. That is what PROCHOT 92°C means in ThrottleStop. Your CPU will slow down as much as necessary so it does not exceed 92°C. The harder you try to work your CPU, the more it will throttle and slow down.

Fix the cooling problem. Noctua NT-H2 works well.
Yeah, think you'll have to fully strip it apart and re-apply paste on both CPU and GPU. Also make sure to give the fans a good clean with compressed air and get any dust/residue out. You can use isopropyl alcohol to clean away the old paste and the fan edges.

When re-tightening the screws, do it in a criss-cross fashion (diagonal), this will ensure an even spread of paste as the cooler is tightened. A simple pea size blob on the middle of each of the CPU/GPU, should be fine.

I use Noctua NT-H1, and it has my max all core temps about 80-83c,
Aug 16, 2022
i would acually recommend the liquid metal thermal compound it's beter then anything for straight dyes
I decided to go for Arctic MX-4, I did some research on it and it should be good enough, was also the cheapest I could find, costed 99kr (around 9 euro)

Is this a good choice?
Direct dye you can't cheap on saddly it takes some of the more pricey thermal pastes
Funnily enough, cost was not a consideration, as both NT-H1 and H2 were the same price for 3.5grm (IIRC).

With that said, I've had NT H1 running for the last year, and my temps under TS bench reach about 83-85c. I will dissemble to see if it's pumped out. As for now, functioning as expected.
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