cpu intel 3rd vs 4th gen

Marino sabijan

Oct 25, 2014
how big is the difference in i5 3rd gen 1055 and the haswel 4th gen 1050 cpus? Is it worth upgrading older mobo and cpu or?

Planning on playing bf 4 and we are talking about thia mobo : asrock p67 pro


Mar 14, 2014
Haswell does have a higher TDP than equivalent Ivy Bridge chips, likely due to the beefed up integrated graphics core on Haswell. Performance wise, Haswell isn't much better than Ivy Bridge, only about 5 to 10% faster when comparing the two with equivalent clockspeeds and core counts. Haswell also tends to not overclock as well as Ivy Bridge does, though this does vary depending on how lucky you get in the silicon lottery. Haswell also gets the AVX2 instruction set, but that's not really relevant outside of a few applications like financial modelling, and few programs support AVX2 right now.

If you already have an Ivy Bridge build, there is no real sense in upgrading to Haswell, the performance difference isn't large enough to justify the cost, and you wouldn't benefit from the improved integrated graphics as you already have a really good discrete GPU. If you do feel that you need more CPU horsepower, you might be better off grabbing an Ivy Bridge i7, if you have programs that can benefit from hyperthreading, that way you don't need to get a new motherboard as well as a new CPU.

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