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Question CPU is stuck at base core clock on Lenovo L340 Gaming .

Jun 14, 2020

I've got L340 15IRH with i5 9300h GTX 1650 8GB 512SSD. When I'm launching any game that's more CPU demanding clock drops to 2.4 Ghz after 5-10 seconds of playing and stays there. I noticed that when games started lagging in CPU demanding areas like Novigrad in Witcher 3 or Los Santos in GTA, I didn't change nvidia control panel/windows or in game settings for that to start happening. I don't think it's throttling problem because I've been using this laptop for over 3 months and never had this problem. Before that when CPU temperatures reached throttling point it would just drop to 3.5 -3.7 GHZ until it cooled off and got back to max turbo speed again, now it's stuck at constant 2.4. This doesn't occur while performing any tasks on the computer, browsing web, rendering videos in vegas (GPU accelerated or not) even at full CPU load doesn't affect the cpu speed, it only happens when launching any game.

When running CPU and GPU benchmarks my GPU was running constant 74 degress on 100% load with around 1800Mhz clock (Weird because it's rated at 1560 on boost) and CPU going everywhere from 75 to 90 degrees at constant 4000Mhz.

First I figured it might be due to thermal throttling or anything related to it, I installed MSI Afterburner to have live preview of my temps, usage and clock in game. I wasn't able to get a proper reading because my CPU never reached it's turbo clock and it's temperatues never exceeded 70 degress, while the graphics being at around 65-70.

I've noticed that if I launch a game right after booting up to windows it sometimes works, CPU keeps it's turbo speed, however temperatues are getting crazy hot. After running WItcher 3 for around 30 minutes average GPU temperature was 73 degress, and CPU reaching up to 96 degress with thermal throttling (obviously), however it wasn't a problem when speaking of performance because even with the procesor limiting it's power due to thermal throtting it never reached below 3500Mhz which in turn didn't impact FPS as much as constant 2.4Ghz.

When running CPU and GPU on load, the area around the WASD keys on the keyboard is getting really hot, even too hot for comfort sometimes while the bottom of the laptop where heatsink vents are stays just comfortably warm to touch.

I've tried Throttlestop, XTU, limiting turbo, undervolting, disabling DPTF (this only caused temperatures to skyrocket), and althought with undervolting temperatures lowered significantly my processor is still stuck at base clock in games.

I've tried to fresh install windows and it doesn't seem to work My laptop is still has an active warranty and I'm wondering if this is anything I could fix myself or should I just return it to Lenovo.

Sorry if my message seems a bit incoherent, I'm very frustrated about this issue and tried to remember every detail about it.