Question CPU keeps overheating up to 95C with barely anything opened.


Oct 24, 2017
Hi, I've been using this PC for quite years, and it have been running very fine, But for some reason, recently, The CPU gets overheated to insane degrees such as 80-90C even with only Google chrome. It's a very, very, Very Old PC, But Im poor and indebted, there's no way i can buy another, so here's the specs.
CPU (Processor) : Intel Core 2 Duo E7500
Ram: 2GB
Motherboard: MS-7592
OS: Windows 7
DirectX version: DirectX 11
Current display mode: 1024 x 768 (75 Hz) Dell E771p
Graphics card: Intel G41 Express Chipset

More CPU info-
Platform: LGA 775 (Socket T)
Core Speed: 3100 MHz at peak.
Sometimes slows down to 1700 MHz.
Multiplier: x11
Sometimes becomes x6.
Bus Speed: 288 MHz
Rated FSB: 1150 MHz
Core Voltage: 1,200 V.
Please help me, I'll appreciate it, Too much. I need the PC for work and my Son usually plays on it.
I can assure you there are absolutely 0 Viruses in the PC, and we only run Word and Chrome.
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