Info CPU LED On after CPU and cooler install, Solution (AM3+socket)

Jan 2, 2021
Hello all,

long time listener, first time caller. I’m in the middle of a custom build that necessitated my cleaning and fresh installing my CPU. The pc ran fine before removal, but upon removal I found a cluster of bent pins (minor, more like slightly out of line). I proceeded to clean the CPU and straighten the pins out before reinstall. After reinstall of the CPU I installed the cooler bare to protect the CPU while I tested if I destroyed it by straightening the pins.
On boot, there was no display, and the CPU LED stayed illuminated red. This issue led me to the forums. I tried multiple solutions including resetting BIOS, checking display on another PC, etc. I went on like this for around an hour. I noticed this was a common issue in multiple threads on here, so I thought I would share the solution that eventually allowed me to boot BIOS, and eventually back into my OS.

This worked on my build:
Remove the cooler, remove the CPU, wipe clean with alcohol, ensure no pins are damaged, wet a soft bristle tooth brush with alcohol, shake the excess liquid out of the bristles into a rag, gently run the brush in one direction across the pin side of the CPU, don’t press down into the pins, the bristles should barely make contact with the CPU itself, allow the CPU to air dry for a bit, I let mine dry for around 2 minutes, once cpu is dry inspect the socket while cycling the latch slowly, just make sure there isn’t any dust laying in the tray and there aren’t any obvious pieces of pin bent or out of place, place the CPU back in the socket, don’t push down on the CPU at all, just let it fall in place, close the latch, put the CPU cooler in place (or plug the fan in if it needs done first), start each screw just a bit, then tighten half as tight as they were when they came out, tighten in a star or cross pattern, when I did this my cooler was attached but could still pivot a bit on the CPU if I gave it a bit of pressure.

This process got me out of the no display, no bios, no boot issue and got the PC running again. I didn’t replace the CPU or Mobo. With it being such a common issue, I thought I should share.


AMD FX 8320 Eight Core Processor
M5A99FX PRO R2.0
Coolmaster CPU cooler
Radeon HD 7870
Rosewill 750W Gold Power Supply
Windows 10 Home
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Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

I would also like to state, that when you do encounter a problem that usually is solved with an end user disassembling the system to it's bare components only to reseat them, is an indication(sometimes) that you might be having a grounding issue.

Common in older platform where they are subject to stress, often times discharging the system helps alleviate a no boot scenario.

But thanks for the info. Responding to this thread for the sake of posterity ;)