Question cpu led on for 1 second and then VGA led on for maybe 10 seconds and then Boot led for 1 second

Oct 29, 2020
I just set up my device but pc wont turn on. Only 3 out of 4 leds turn on and vga led take more time than others. (Very similar to this)

I have actually installed my Win10 yesterday successfully and even ran a game to test everything but today it just wont open, not even get into Bios. When I checked my GPU power cable was a bit loose so I tightened it but still wont work.
I have five fans in total (Inc liquid cooler fans) all run smoothly without issue, GPU fans also work. Liquid cooler light is on so I assume it also works.
Just have no idea what is the issue with it?
I ve tried to replug rams but wont work
Appreciate for any assistance