Question CPU light on mobo, but I don't think its the CPU ?


Sep 30, 2019
Hello! I have recently tried moving my Windows OS to an M.2 ssd from an hdd. I had done the cloning procedure and restarted the system as normal, changing the boot device with f11 to the ssd, or so I thought. I went to go and format the hdd, it said it couldn't because it had the active windows on it. So I figured I'd have to go into the BIOS to change the boot device there, so I did. But now when I try to turn my pc on, the CPU light turns on, then it quickly switches to the boot and vga light being on, then back to CPU where it stays until the system shuts down with no visual output. I have tried removing the ssd to see if it just goes back to the hdd but that didn't work, same issue.
Any thoughts?

Update: its no longer shutting off, its just staying on a red cpu light with no visual.

Mobo: MSI MPG X570 Gaming edge wifi
CPU: Ryzen 7 2700x
RAM: Corsair Vengence Pro- 32gb 3600
GPU: GTX 1060 6gb
PSU: EVGA 500w
HDD: WD 1tb
SSD: Crucial 1tb p5
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