CPU, Mobo, or virus problem?


May 14, 2004
Im out of ideas on this one.

Im running an Athlon chip 2400 on a VIA mobo EP-8KHA+. Its been working great for many months.

The computer keeps rebooting itself and I have no ability to get it to even boot to a boot disk or the windows disk.

I did figure out how to get the machine to boot - but the only way is to disable the CPU cache in the BIOS (which of course makes everything incredibly slow).

I figured my chip got fried, so I popped in an older AMD chip (1900 I think) and got the exact same problem.

Im thinking its a mobo issue but cant even get a prompt to run any sort of diagnostic, and I dont have a second mobo to pop in and try out. Thought it might be sasser but again no way for me to tell (and I religiously update and run Norton every day).

When I try to boot to Safe Mode in any mode it seems to hang on the file .../System32/drivers/mup.sys

One more thing I should add: the chip is not overheating unless the temperature sensor built into the mobo is malfunctioning. Its running between 50-60C.



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Mar 11, 2003
power supply problem, bad caps on the mb or possibly bad memory....but i think the answer lies in the mb caps or a bad power supply.....got another power supply you can try?

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Can you get into bios ok? Try upping the vcore to 1.7v.
If that is your idle temp, it is too high. Some of the older hsf clips got a little weak after time. Make sure your hsf is not loose.