CPU, Motherboard and Graphics card under $350


Dec 13, 2012
Hi, I'm going to go to the States in less than two weeks and I was trying to buy some components under $350 so customs won't bust my butt when I get back to my country (Argentina)

I was searching for an AMD + Radeon combination but I just can't figure out what to get

So far I was checking out a Radeon HD 7750 and maybe an FX 6300 but I rely on your knowledge to correct me

Thanks in advance for all the help
the place that you'll be visiting, check if you have a microcenter nearby


if you do, you can save $50 off motherboard when you buy a CPU + motherboard in their store. It's an instant discount so there's no mail-in rebate crap that you have to deal with.

after you buy the CPU + mobo you will see how much money you'll have left for video card, if it's anything below 7770, don't bother buying it.


Jun 1, 2012
I'd Listen to Scott- really I would rather buy CPU and motherboard first coz some CPU do have a powerful GPU - especially 3rd Gen intel processors or AMD FX BUILDOZERS OR A-Series chips( A - series chips have good GPU).
My suggestion is the above - Go for intel 3rd gen processor with a good motherboard with a nice ram, you would end up around 300 $. Now , you can't get anything good for 50 $.